Graphics Pricing

Below is a brief overview of our graphic design prices.
The prices below are subject to change based on project scope.

All designs include 2 revisions where any elements can be adjusted.
Revisions past these will be billed at $80/hr.

$100 - Unique Designs

This includes designs in which the images, text, elements, or layouts differ in significant way. Double sided designs will be billed as two unique designs unless variations are minor enough to be categorized as an additional versionĀ (see below).

$50 - Simple Designs

This includes designs that are text only documents that don't include images, designs, or other graphic elements.

$50 - Design Changes

This covers changes to existing documents that we not created by Inspace. For examples, rearranging layouts, changing elements, editing text.

$25 - Additional Versions

This covers any additional version of existing designs including minor layout, sizing, and element changes (ex. logos, names, text, background images).