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You've decided to create a new website! Before we can get started building we need a few things from you. Go through the guide below to make sure you have all the relevant content. Once you're ready, click the red email button below to send us the elements we need to begin.

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The first step to any new website is purchasing a domain. This is the address where people can find you. If you already own your domain, make sure you know where you purchased it, and what the password is for your account. If not, we've listed our favorite places to buy domains below.


Imagine your website in terms of pages. Make a list of the pages you know you'll need on your site, and which ones you would like to see on your navigation menu. A good way to visualize this is by imagining a web chart like the one below.


The biggest secret to a beautiful website is amazing imagery. If you have your own high quality content, I would recommend using Dropbox (it's free) so we can share files easily. If you don't, you can get free stock photos or customized content on the websites we've listed below.


This is your chance to figure out what you want your site to tell your customers. Typically people don’t want to do a lot of reading so make sure you keep your content relevant, interesting, and concise. Check out these websites that use very little text but convey a strong, clear message.


Aka Search Engine Optimization. Google and other search engines look through the internet for content in order to show people the most relevant information. To make sure your website shows up when people search for you, use the resources below to help plan which important keywords to incorporate into your written content.


In a world of do it yourself website builders and templates, things have gotten a little stale. Our mission is to shake things up with truly revolutionary designs. If you're unsure how you want your site to look, we've provided some resources to inspire you that showcase the most forward thinking designs in the industry. You can also send links to websites you love!

Custom Email

Custom domain email addresses are great for presenting your company in a professional way. Depending on how much space you need for each mailbox, and how many addresses you'll have, pricing can range from $0 to $5/month per user. We've provided a few options for you to consider if this is a necessity for your business.


If you're not familiar with the term, it simply means using your website to sell products or services. Selling online opens up unlimited possibilities to generate income for your company. If you're thinking you'd like to sell from your site let us know what you're planning to sell and how you want to sell it so that we can develop a perfect solution for your business.

Email Marketing

Sending email blasts is a valuable way to engage with your customers. If you're interested in integrating your website with an email marketing system we recommend using MailChimp. They have excellent tools to help you create remarkable email marketing campaigns.


In the world of web design, CMS stands for content management system, and as the name suggests, it's a system for managing the content of your website. CMSs allows you and your team to manage the content on your website with a dynamic, easy to use interface. Click here to see the capabilities of our CMS in detail.

Color Palette

All the best brands have iconic color schemes. Choosing yours is important, but it shouldn't overwhelm you. We've listed a few great resources to help you pick your colors. While deciding, think about which colors will be your primary, secondary, and accent colors. If you want to leave this up to us, we're more than happy to create a color scheme just for you!


Fonts, like colors, are important, but can be overwhelming. Fonts say a lot about your brand so keep in mind what your business does, and if the font you like matches your industry. There isn’t a science to font selection since it’s based on taste, but below are some tools to help you discover fonts you like, and match them with others that are complimentary.